I Can't Change Booktype On AD-5170A

Today I Purchased Nec Optiarc AD-5170A 1.11 And Ridata DVD+R 16x (MID RicohJPN03 004 (04) )

And i Want To Change DVD+R To DVD-ROM But I Can’t Do This Only DVD+DL Set To DVD-ROM By Default

I Used Two Prog Nero CD-DVD Speed v4.11 and binflash GUI v1.37

Another Question When I Burn Movie File 700MB ON CD-R (703MB) Error Message Appear failed Burn At 24x (I Use Nero Is This Situation Must Use Overburn

The original firmwares only support bitsetting on DVD+R DL. If you want to bitset DVD+R/+RW you need to flash your drive with a modified AD-5170 firmware.

Thanks But Flash Dee’s AD-5170A 1.O1 Modified Firmware , Liggy’s AD-5170A Bitsetting Firmware 1.11 , Dee’s AD-5170A 1.O2 Modified Firmware Because I Read That Dee’s AD-5170A 1.O2 Bsed On v1.11BT So Must Flash 1.11BT tO Flash 1.02 Or All Support My DVD Drive , What The Different

If I Set DVD+RW TO DVD-Rom Can I erase it and Burn it Again I Read Comments THat Drive See DVD+RW as DVD-ROM So It Can Erase DVD

And What About My Second Question I Can’t Burn Any Movie File 700 MB ON CD-R With Nero