I can't burn: Visual Studio 6 & MSDN?



Hello people,

Can any of you plz tell me how to copy Visual Studio 6 and the MSDN library cd’s?
I’ve tried to copy them, but this only costs me 7 cd’s, which are totally unusable now.
What prgram should I use? I used CDRWin3.7

Plz help me out, coz I need this stuuf BIG TIME!!!



It could be that your cdrwin is wrongly registered, and than the version will fuck up your cd’z

I think it’s copyprotected,don’t know with what, but if you want it, i got the copied version. Mail me and we will work something out

Otherwhise try to burn it with clone cd or with nero.


I’m using Padus DiscJuggler v2.00.412. I copied same program with DiscJuggler without any problem

You should try Padus Discjuggler…

Good luck…