I can't burn using Nero from DVDDecrypter Files

I am trying DVD Decrypter on a DVD, and it decrypts it very quickly compared to other programs. However, when i use Nero to burn the DVD, there is always a problem and error messages. Yet when I decypt it using DVDShrink, it always works fine. I notice a difference in the types of files DVD Decrypter makes compared to DVDShrink…Decrypter has no BUP files. I tried Decrypter using both FILE and IFO setting, and had problems with both. Is there another step between using this program and burning with Nero? Any help would be appreciated.:confused:

Try using Read mode (hit ‘r’) to make the iso, then write mode (hit ‘w’) to write the iso. Nero is a common problem.


If the DVD is under 4.37 gig then use DVD Decrytper as MLS said (or better still actually rip the whole dvd, all files, in FILE mode, then add an empty AUDIO_TS folder and burn out with Nero.)

If the DVD is more than 4.37gig then you have to use Shrink, DVD2one, CCE, etc etc to re-encode/transcode it to a smaller size to fit to the DVDR. You simple cant take DVD Decryter files ripped in IFO mode and expect to burn them to a DVD and work. As I have said in a previouse post, you need to use IFOEdit to create new IFO files etc if your going down this track.

OK, thanks,all. I now have a better understanding and have gotten a good burn using Nero. The File mode in DVD decrypter was what I used, along with DVD Shrink. Thanks.