I can't burn to MiniDVD's?

Hello! My name is Tom and I’m a n00b to the forums, so please excuse my questions.

Also, I’m not sure if this is a Hardware OR software issue. So correct me if I’m wrong.

Just recently, I bought some Sony MiniDVDs. I’ve been trying to burn to them since. I have a three-year-old Alienware laptop with two different disk drives (one broke and had to be replaced.) The first drive is a “MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ85JS” Drive. It’s one of those drives where you push the DVD inside (I think they’re called slimlines.) Because of this, I didn’t want to get my MiniDVD caught in there. So, I used the second drive, which was a “_NEC DVD_RW ND-6750A” drive.

My question is that when I burnt the ISO to the MiniDVD, ImgBurn asked me to format the disc so I can write to it. I chose yes. Then, a minute later, it’s back at the beginning, unformated.

What do I do?

Bump. Come on guys.

Sounds like the discs aren’t being properly recognized. DVD+/-R’s do not need to be formatted. You may need to update the firmware on the drive for the discs to be properly recognized. And you were correct in not inserting the mini-disc into the slot load drive.