I cant burn the new move 21 help plzzz!



I want to make a lawful (wink) back-up copy of a new relese dvd called 21 i have pathfinder on enabled and have beed successful burning dvd about 1hr ago i am using (DVDFab Platinum as soon as i put the dvd in it i click burn it starts burning then when is gets to about 3.0% it sayes error would you like to abort skipp or skipp all error or retry i have tryed all of these options with no success and have tryed burning with pathfinder disabled that makes thing way worse please im stuck in a hole i need a ladder help me

computer specs :acer aspire 3050-1854
dvd super multi double layer(support dvd+R Double Layer/DVD+RW)
512mb R2


Use the latest version of DvD Fab or DVDFab Platinum ( If all you care about is just the movie then you should have no issues extracting one of four versions that are on the disk and put it on a single layer disk.



What’s your DVD drive?
Can you download the nero infotool & post a log on your specs.

Copy protections on movies is now common. Have you tried installing ANYDVD to bypass the protections?


Platinumsword i dont know how to do that and not sure what it is gonna do for me thanks though


Your version of DvD Fab is outdated and will not remove some of the latest copy protections.

Update your version of DvDFab Platinum. Clone the image as an Iso. I used DvD Shrink to open the Iso and pulled out one of the the movies and saved it as an Iso. Then I burn it to disk with Imgburn.

DvDFab will also allow you to select just the movie as well.

I use various pieces of software because I like to spread my support around.



[quote=jrod6t9;2102388]Platinumsword i dont know how to do that and not sure what it is gonna do for me thanks though[/quote] Just go to the DVDFAB home page and download Version and you will also have to get a new key for version 5, it will tell you all about it on the FAB home page. That version you are running is way outdated now