I can't burn new DVD's and I can't connect my DVD player to pc. Help?



About a year ago I bought a Liteon LVW-5025 GHC+ DVD Player/Recorder with a hard disc. It worked fine but then I put it into storage for ten months. Got it out again last week, plugged it in and everything still works fine, except I cannot burn DVD’s with it. I have tried all types of DVD’s (+RW/+R, -RW/-R) both old ones I’ve used before on other machines and new ones, straight out of the packet. Either the error message tells me that there is no disc in the player or that the format of the disc is wrong. The error message I get on screen from the DVD unit tells me that the format of the discs is apparently DVD-video and it needs to be DVD-VR. I thought it was a dirty laser lens, so I cleaned it (several times), but it made no difference. It plays all my regular DVD’s no problem. It just won’t burn new ones for me.

Has anyone had this error message before and do they know what it means and how to fix it please?

Also, I noticed the DV Link socket in the front of the player and have tried to copy (back-up) the DVD player’s hard disc to my computer’s hard disc, using this socket. I hoped I could burn DVD’s from my computer instead, but I got nowhere connecting the two machines. Can anyone out there help me please?


Sorry to say your DVD drive may be at fault. Try connecting a DVD drive from your PC and see how things work, if ok replace the drive in your 5025. The DV Link is for input only, can not be used to link with a PC for backup.

Wish I could give you better news. :sad:


Thanks for the help. I’ve been told it’s as simple as pulling two plugs out and unscrewing the DVD unit from the box it;s in. Is that true? If it is then I’ll have a go. Also, do you know if it is possible to attach a USB port to the DVD recorder that would allow me to download to my pc? Thanks again.


I have no idea how EZ it will be to replace the drive on a LVW-5025 GHC+ as I replaced the drive on a LVW 5005. Drive connections should be standard PC like, so you can quickly test operation - making a clean fit is another story.

You will need to remove the drive draw face plate - to remove the drive.

No way to attach USB and USB not supported by hardware or software.