I cant burn is fifa 2005

hello all im mick from melbourne australia . i have had a dvd/cd burner for a while . my question is , how do i burn cd rom games … the one i cant burn is fifa 2005 . and most other fifa games . is there a way to crack the security codes , or a program … ?? any replies would be appreciated , hope to chat to you all soon , thanks …

G`day mick & welcome to cdfreaks

theres a thread here that tells you what protection is on the game, what burner are you using?

Hi Mick, welcome to CDfreaks.

A lot of CDROM games are copyprotected, Fifa 2005 is one of them. The protection used with this game is SafeDisc 3.20.022, which (if I recall correctly) can be circumvented succesfully with CloneCD or Blindwrite.


im using a liteon dual layer / dual format … good burner .

your liteon will have no probs backing up your games, i use $CyBeRwIz$ off line help guide