I can't burn image files all the way



Hello, I have had an NEC 2500a for a few months, but all of a sudden today, out of nowhere, it stopped burning CD images. At first I thought it was the media I was burning with, Sony CD-r’s, but the first few blanks burned great, and this problem arose right after I successfully burned another image.

It will start to burn but after a certain percentage (whenever it feels like it) it will give me an error. I’ve tried Nero, DVD Decrypter, CDRWin, and Alcohol 120% and they all just stop recording at different spots. I tried a few different images and I still have the same problem. What’s weird is that I can burn new compilations, but I can’t burn already made images. I tried mounting the images with Daemon Tools and tried doing a CD Copy, but I still get the same errors. The errors are not specific at all, Alcohol and Nero will just say “Something happened” or “Disk Write Error”. I’ve wasted about 15 CD-R’s now and I really can’t think of any solution.

Can anyone help?

Also, I’ve tried different firmware version, official and unofficial and I also have DMA enabled. Also buffer is always full and cpu use is to a minimum.

Here’s what Nero cd speed showed:


No problems according to the screenshot/test.

Either it’s not as good as it should be media or… you could clean the lens/drive.


Try lowering the writing speed down to something like 16X (or even 8X) to burn the image. If it works, you could consider defragmenting your HD…


I just cleaned the lens, but now I made a DVD iso, an it will not even start to burn the iso. Just gives me an unidentified error, and says, something went wrong. I’ll try defragging my hd though.


It appears that the drive is not writing at all, not just images but data.
Maybe it’s not reading properly, try testing on another drive.
The image you submitted from Nero CD-DVD Speed still indicates a blank disc after the data should have been written to the CD. The Disc Type should have indicated Data CD instead of Blank.

The drive may be faulty.
A visit to the Regency Square Mall area for a replacement may be inevitable. Best Buy and Circuit City, both on Atlantic Blvd. should suffice. Newegg if you shop online.

The 2500A is ancient and may have out lived it’s usefulness.


Yeah I’m going to take out this drive and try it on my cousin’s computer and see if it will burn. I already ordered a 3450 on newegg for $40 so hopefully it’s just the drive and not a software problem on my end.


Seems that the burner died. I bought a 3540 and it works just fine, thanks for the help everyone.