I cant burn dvd's help! PLZ



I fixed my firmware problem but i still cant burn any dvd’s whatsoever. I have a PIONEER DVR-106D. now i can burn cd’s just fine and i can read both cd’s and dvd’s but when i try to write to a dvd it gives me a ‘problem copying’ error message that says “windows encountered a problem trying to copy this file. what do you want Windows to do?”.
also when i insert a blank dvd + or - in the properties section it shows that i have ‘0 bytes used’ and ‘0 bytes free’ and the file system is ‘RAW’ where as when i insert a cd-rom it shows exactly how much is free space and used space correctly.
On top of that when i insert a dvd (TDK +R 8x) that i got from a 25pak spindle it chnges my drive picture in the ‘My Computer’ window from ‘DVD-RW Drive (E:)’ to ‘CD Drve (E:)’ now that problem has only happened when i use these dvd’s.

My Specs Are:
windows xp sp2 home
pentium4 2.8ht
1024 pc2700 pny memory ram
120 gig 7200 ultra ata (about 80gb free)
pioneer dvr-106d
asus cd-s400/a
800 front side bus
intel pro/100 ve network
soundblaster audiogy 2zs
128mb radeon 9800 pro

if theres anything else i missed that u would need to know please ask.


what program do u use to attempt this burning data to dvd ?


NONE. what im trying to do is make a back-up of my mp3 collection which is in the 2000’s and about 6gb of memory so i just highlight all of the files i want roughly 4.6 gigs and then right-click and then send them to dvd-rw drive (E: ) which is my recorder drive.


I am not sure what is causing your problem but a blank disk reporting 0 bytes used and zero bytes free is normal (as is it reporting file system raw). Further, the icon in my computer changing is normal too. I just inserted a blank ricohjpnr01 into my nec3500 and the icon changed from dvd+rw drive to cd drive. I have found that it can change to svereal things depending on the drive and disk inserted.


hmm, thatz what i thought. does xp sp2 have dvd burner capability ? i never tried it so i don’t know. i think itz best you get a burning app. try deepburner standard - it’s free and will now do multisession dvds


well thanks. i never thought about that i had only ever burned a dvd once before and i just used the copy and paste method. well i use this program called DRAG’N’DROD CD+DVD4 which actually works really good now ive only used it to make music cds but i tried it and it actually worked so im burning a dvd as we speak… um type i mean. like i said THANX

one more thing, its writing at a rate of roughly 5,500kb(more or less) what speed is that.


5,500kb = just under 4x.
best thing though to get a program that allows you to change the burning speed and nit one that defaults to max speed all the time.