I can't burn data DVD with 5163D

I bought LG external DVD burner, GSA-5163D a month ago. At that time, I made image files of some DVDs and burned them with Alchohol 120%. No problem…

A few days ago, I tried to burn data DVD with Nero. I could start to burn data DVD by few % progress…After that, it didn’t go anymore… After 10 mins, ths status was still few % (3% for 4GB, 15% for 1.4GB)…I tried a few times but same…I checked I can burn CD with Nero…

What can I do? What should I check?

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Did you use a DVD media from the same spindle? (Or same brand.)

I use this…

RIDATA 4.7GB 8X DVD+R 100 Pack Cake Box Disc
Model : DRD+478-RDCB100

Is there any problem with this?

Do you have the latest version of Nero installed? That is always the first thing to check.