I cant burn avi files using clonedvd2

i just got clonedvd2 + can copy from 1 disk to another in about 20 minutes. but when i try to copy avi files to disk it doesnt let me. i really want to use this program but its mostly avi files on my hard drive. i prefer this to nero + was wiondering if anyone has any suggestions?? THANK YOU P.S i tried to use winavi converter to convert an avi file to mpeg but when i do this it comes up on my hdd as an mdf format(747,642kb) + mds(5kb)… anyone got any suggestions?? when i tried to burn the files using clonedvd2 it let me copy 2 films to 1 disk with room for another 2 but i cant play it on a dvd player… i can play it on my pc + can choose from the 2 films… any help is appreciated THANK YOU :bow:

neild79 -

As the CloneDVD product name implies the CloneDVD software product is designed to Clone DVDs and not AVI Files.

To convert your AVI Files to the DVD compliant Format you are going to have to use a DVD Authoring program.


not only can you not do this with clonedvd2, but i have a sneaking suspicion you’re not using elby’s clonedvd2 which is what this forum pertains to as elby’s clonedvd2 doesn’t allow you to combine multiple movies and choose from them with a menu.

be advised that if you got your program from clonedvd.net and not elby’s or slysoft’s sites then you’re using a different program from what is supported in this forum.

From your querry, looks like you wish to backup your avi files on removable media like DVD-R and clear your hard disk. Nero Burning ROM is the program to use for this job. You will use it with DVD selection and select UDF-ISO format below the DVD selection. Also turn on the “verification” to ensure that the burning has been done properly without error.
Some of the standalone DivX / XviD players would play the AVIs direct off the DVD-R, some need the AVI on a CD-R only, DVD-R AVIs would not be recognized.

use something like vso’s convertxtodvd to convert the avi files to vob’s then burn them with clonedvd2 :slight_smile: