I cant burn avi files to disk? help please

:a i have ashampoo burning studio 2006, clonedvd2, dvdshrink3.2, winavi converter, + dvd region + css free on my computer. i downloaded a lot of films from limewire but they are all avi format. i tried burning them to disk with all the burning tools i have but it always says it cant read them. i can convert them with winavi to mpeg then use winavi to burn. but when its finished + i play it on a dvd player or pc it has writing across the middle of the screen. it says i can only remove it if i purchase it(which i cant as i dont have a credit card). after i converted a film using winavi i ran a search on my hdd for videos, the film i converted is still there in avi format5 but also in mdf format. anyone got any ides as to how i can burn avi files to disk or any other suggestions?? THANK YOU


@neild79: You seem to be asking several questions at once in each post. Please try to be more coherent in stating your problem; otherwise you will not get much help from others.

Also I must request that you don’t cross-post the same question on different areas of the forum.

Look at my above answer, the divxtodvd program is free. Also, if you look at the other thread all of the other programs i suggested are free too.

in WinAVI, click on menu in the upper left hand corner, go to convert, and click on Any to DVD, follow the instructions to open the file, then select the output directory and format (make sure to choose DVD as the output format). It’ll convert it to .vob, .ifo, and .bup files, burn the Video_TS folder with Nero Recode

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anyway, converting guides at www.videohelp.com/convert

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