I cant burn audio cds

I am unable to burn audio cds. With windows media player and nero 6.6 the programs appear to operate OK. The finished disc only contains 1KB files which media player recognises but no audio. When I used Visual mp3 cd burner (trial version) the program aborted with the message “error operation failed”. I have no problem burning data cds.
I think I may have replaced a file while unloading an audio editing program. An option was given and I may have taken the wrong one. I have also updated nero to 6.6.
I have tried system restore, removed and reloaded windows media player and finally reloaded windows (update) still nothing . Can anyone help.

This is how it should look for an Audio CD. Not sure what you really mean by no audio.

Does the CD play in a standalone system 'cos if it does then it’s a setup problem on your PC?

That’s because you did not extract the original CD. You just copied it to your hard drive. When you did that you have just created a list file… Than you burnt this 1kb list file :wink:
If you want to copy an audio you must extract it!!! Sorry my Nero and my media player are in French so I can’t show you any screens!!

Thanks bichon I believe you may have solved my problem. Sorry to have troubled you, Im only a newbie to computers.
Also thanks to you timc for your reply.

TimC it is my windows media player. The discs perform in other media players but not wmp. I uninstalled wmp10 installed wmp 9… again nothing. installed wmp 10 …still nothing. I’ll think another media player is the answer. Thanks again.

try winamp as a media player, also…EAC is an excellent cd audio disc ripper, and it’s free. With eac you can rip in native raw wav format out of the box to your hdd, or plug in an encoder like lame to compress the files. Lame once installed will give you the option of making those track into mp3’s…:slight_smile:

Cdex is another excellent choice for ripping & I prefer it to EAC.