I can't burn Audio CD with Nero 7 + Lite-on 160P6S

I can’t burn Audio CD with Nero 7 since I bought my new DVD burner
Lite-on 160P6S
DVDs and Data CDs Burn fine.

  1. When you go to burn the buffers do not fill.
  2. I just shows “lead-in” and that’s it.
  3. Its not frozen, the timer still counts down to 0.00
  4. No Error message just sits there,Task manager shows running.
  5. If I do cancel the burn and say yes to the abort dialog the abort “meter” goes back and forth and does not stop.
  6. I have to end program in task manager
  7. Does not write entry in Nero’s log.
  8. I Flashed my firmware from PS01 to PS08, the latest and it did not help.
  9. Other Audio software (Acoustica, Realplayer and others) burns fine but I would like to know why this is not working.

DVDs, Data CDs and Mixed CDs (Data and Audio) burn fine.
Copying Audio CDs work fine.
Just going from MP3/WMA to Disk does not work (but will in mixed mode)

Pre-Thanks for the help


Audio will burn with Disc-at-once/96 selected.
Any ideas why Regular Disc-at-once not working?

Hi Smegtrek!

I have the EXACT same problem. It was some time since you made your post; have you found a solution?



Get the latest update from nero.com and check, if this issue has been resolved.


Already have the latest version ( :frowning:


I have the same problem… can anybody help me… sorry that I’ve kicked this… but I’m really pissed…And I dont seem to find the solution…