I can't burn at speeds lower than 8x

Hi all,
I’ve got a problem with my LG GCE-8320B: with every burning program, the minimum avaiable writing speed is 8x, but the media I use perfectly allows speeds like 1x, 2x, 4x.
This problem is present with every program I use including Alcohol, CloneCD, Blindwrite.
I tried to solve this problem by upgrading the firmware of the burner transforming it into a GCE-8400B as someone has already done, but nothing happens…the writer is much faster, I know, but I really need to burn cds at 2x otherwise they won’t run on my playstation 1.
Can someone suggest new drivers, patches, programs able to solve this damn error?
Thanks a lot for any answer! :bow:

i’ve found in the Italian lg site that a standard rule of new burners sets the minimum speed at 8x, so it is possible to hack the internal firmware in order to bypass this limitation?

I don’t know you drive but most use info and write stratagies stored in the firmware.
This is to ensure a good burn as some disks burn better at one speed than another.