I can't burn a cd audio with my NEC 3540A

Hi, i just got a NEC Black IDE DVD Burner Model ND-3540A - OEM and i try to make a cd audio but every time, i loose my cd. i change my cd-r imation to acd-r memorex but i keep losting my cd. i need your help for that. thank for your help

Hi :slight_smile:

Please give more details, like exact error message or exact symptom of failure :wink: -also mention the writing speed chosen!

the exact error message is ‘burn process failed at 48x’. But i tried to burn at 24x and i receive the same error ‘burn process failed at 24X’. thanks for your help


What is the rated speed of the CD’s?

What program are you trying to burn with?

Give us more info on your system and OS-

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