I can't burn 4* CD's with an 3500

Hello everybody,

i can’t burn 4* with my Nec 3500.
I want to burn a Safedisc Cd, but i can only choose 8* - 48*!
(Alcohol and Nero, same problem)

Win xp SP2

Is here somone who can help me?

Thanks a lot

Have you tried burning your disc at 8x?

The NEC ND-3500 cannot burn CD-Rs any slower than 8x, but there is an excellent chance that your 4x rated CD-R will burn well at 8x!

Note: CD-RWs can be burned at 4x on the NEC ND-3500, but not CD-Rs.

I once wanted to do the same and the only was was to use my Lite On CD Recorder. I guess the NEC uses a lot of memory for DVD media codes and does not have enought to care about so low CD recording speed.