I cant backup SD2 with 24102b



i have tried burning mohaa and serious sam 2 , but when i try them i get error :
mohaa error in ñDF394B.TMP
and with serious sam 2 , the same error
i burned them with clone CD , 4 beta 30 ,
can the lite-on 24102b burn sd2 ?


Dont think anyone like me in this forum as they don’t replie to my posts, they are not very friendly here well not as friendly as the people here http://www.psmeg.co.uk/yabbse/index.php

All I want to know is does the new Firmware surport SD 2.51 protection, as I have Liteon 32x And it got firmware XS06 on I have tryed flashing it to XS0U but it has failed twice so can you flash from XS06 to XS0U or am I wasting my time, if so what firmware do you reconmend as the newer the better but its got to still allow SD 2.51 protect copying. someone please Help and you the person above me did you setting clone to fast error skip when you were backing up thoughs games.:stuck_out_tongue:


I got a 24102B myself and it copies SD2 games just fine. Even the new SD 2.6.
Go to this place http://www.liteonit.com.tw/english-load-firmware.htm and download the lastest firmwire for your model. I’m using the latest myself.