I cant backup my Sony dvds

I have tried using a few different softwares (dvd shrink 3.2, dvdcloner III, dvd fab) Is there anyway of getting around Sony’s encryption?

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dvdfab decrypter, ripit4me and anydvd decrypt new sony dvd’s, as well as other newer protections>

Hope you are using the latest[B] dvdfab decrypter[/B] 3050, gotten here:

[B]ripit4me[/B], gotten here:

[B]anydvd[/B], gotten at slysoft.

The first 2 are free; anydvd is not.

I am trying to backup The Da Vinci Code which is a Sony. I am trying the new Dvd Fab like suggested also tried Dvd Shrink 3.2 also have RipIt4Me. Can’t seem to get anything to work. Dvd Shrink tells me that it is an “invalid DVD navigation structure”

DVd shrink alone will not back up this movie.
I have done this movie with both fab and ripit4me.

The error message you got suggests that you did not process thru fixvts.
Why dont you try ri4m again, movie only, using the one click function
This movie is not that hard to rip now with the ripper programs you are using, again, assuming they are up to date.

You can use either DVD Shrink with AnyDVD operating in the background or use RipIt4Me. The AQnyDVD u can use it for free for the priod of 15 day as demo.

And after the trial period, how much is anydvd?
I think i heard its $40 now, going to $50 very shortly?

You can always use RipIt4Me as alternative it is free and does the same job as AnyDVD does plus ripping, encoding , Shrinking and writing but in combination of 4 programs.

Essentially Ripit4me creates a PSL and uses dvd decrypter to rip and latest Fixvts to “clean” (as opposed to the Fixvts version in Anydvd, which is about a year old.) Never could figure why anydvd didnt update the cleaning function.

I had no problem at all with Da Vinci Code and I used RipIt4Me on that one. Movie played just fine.

I also did the DA Vinci code with “RipIr4Me” and the process was very smooth with high quality of burn dvd.

Yes, i used Ri4m on Da Vinci Code and Talladega Night, both Sony (Columbia), no problem.

when I try to use ripit4me I get an error message saying “Couldn’t read sector 16 while parsing file system” This message occurs immediately upon entering a dvd. What is wrong?

dirty or bad disc?

Read the follwoing:

jamoskeag3 Quote:

Assuming you are using latest version, you need to change the Useoldcheckcode to 1. Do this:
Follow instructions in FAQ 24, found here:

To clarify, you only have to use above procedure if you are having a problem.
BTW, from another thread we learned that Achvala suucessfuly ripped the movie using this fix.

DaVinci code works perfectly for me if I use either DVDFab Decrypter or RipIt4Me, thankfully. :slight_smile:

clearly hardest protection does not always = Best movie

I quite enjoyed DaVinci Code. Thought it followed book as closely as could be expected in movie. Tom Hanks may have been miscast.

At the very least, his HAIR was miscast… lol :slight_smile: