I cant back up casino royale

I just bought another Casino Royale DVD, and I tought that with my new DVD burner, i could make a back up, but I cant succeed.

I dont know how to burn this DVD.

I tried DVDShrink, doesnt work.
I tried Ripit4me, it doesnt work
I tried Any DVD, doesnt work

And even if it work, i dont know what is the good procedure to burn it to a single 4.7 GB DVD

You should be able to make a copy with latest anydvd and clonedvd or you can use shrink, but you have to use the anydvd ripper first then, to rip it to the hdd.

I tried ANYDVD but there is a error message at 25% of the ripping

download the trail version of CloneDVD2 and your back-up should work. well it worked for me (main movie only).

With AnyDVD you should be able to right click on the AnyDVD icon and select “Rip Video Disk to Hard Disk…” and it’ll rip the entire disc to your hard drive, removing all copy protection(i.e. fixing structures, etc) in the process. From there you can compress or backup to your heart’s content. OR, you can get CloneDVD2 and use that, as stated above. Make sure you are using AnyDVD and not an older version. If you have any further problems, please copy and paste the AnyDVD status window here so we can look at it.

With AnyDVD, it does not work, the ripping is stopping at 52%, and with Ripit4me, it does work either

Then your disc is probably defective.

Ok, once again, post the AnyDVD status window. It sounds like you have a bad original, however. I was able to back it up using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 with no problem.

Ok, I used Ripit4me, and it work. But i am not able to shrink it

In fact, i want to burn it to a 4.7 gb DVD, with the english and french version, and the english subtitles.

Plus, i want to know how to burn it. I have NTI CD and DVD maker 7.
Do i burn it like a DAta DVd or video DVD.

And if its Video DVd, i wanted to know, which options do i take:

DVD video TS or DVD fit

DVD Video TS.:iagree:

thank you all!!!, it worked


i have tried the above and nothing works. I am not sure how to proceed anymore.

can anyone help me? i have the following freewares.


i would appreciate a step by step procedure please, otherwise my bought copy of Casino Royale will be destroyed due to my son always playing around with it.

thank you in advance

I am glad it worked for you, Happy Burning.:flower: