I can't access DVDs I've burned unless I use another computer to do so!

Here’s the deal:

I’m using Windows XP, a Pioneer DVR-106D DVD burner, Nero (latest version) and Memorex DVD-R 8x blank DVDs.

I can burn the DVD fine, without any errors. However, once I try to see the files I’ve just burned: I can’t! At first I got a “D:\ not accessible - Incorrect Function” error (I got this when trying to access a blank DVD as well). I’ve since activated Windows XP “click-and-drop” burning and can now open the DVD, but there’s nothing in it and it says 0 bytes.

However: If I try to access my newly burned DVD on another of my Windows XP machines it works! All the files are there and can be copied/used without any errors.

What’s going on here anyone

What type of data?

All kinds of stuff in two folders on the DVD. WinRar files particullarly.

Could be that your burner has a problem reading data. I would reduce the burn speed to 4X and try better Made in Japan media. Look for Made in Japan Sony media at Target.

It seems to read other DVDs and CDs (once burned on my other machine or commercial ones) fine.

Btw, the burner is only 4x (but with the latest firmware). Could that be the problem?

I have the same problem (using the very same model myself), and I think my drive is using FirmWare version 1.08.
Did you find a solution to this issue?


That post was in 2005 that is a old post.

Yeah exactly, and that’s very frustrating. At least people could follow up on their own threads, at least they can say they gave up, if they didn’t find any solution. And if he found a solution and doesn’t even mention it, that’s even worse, just imagine yourself in the same situation, spending hours trying to find out what is the right solution. And when someone with that problem, found a solution that only takes a couple of minutes to apply.

Hey, everyone should switch to Verbatim and disable ALL of that InCD and DirectCD stuff and anything else that is loaded in memory (like AnyDVD, DVD43, etc.) and then give it a test.

I wonder if the board software could be set to auto-close threads after 3 or 6 months of inactivity?

What media are you using? Use Nero CD/DVD Speed to get the MID (it’s under the disc info tab).