I cannot rip the Dark Knight DVD

Hello guys

I tried to rip the dark knight dvd into my hard disk.

i use rip it for me with dvd decrypter

while its reading the files the program just freezes

what should i do?

is this some kind of new protection?

Thanx in advance

Had no problem with DVDFab

Moved to Copy Movie forum…

DvdFab’s more recent updates ( is the current version) should have zero issues with the Dark Knight.

I just tried using DVDFAB to copy the dark knight and it just kept reading and reading until I got an error and then Fab closed down because of the error… what should I do to fix this? I tried it with dvdfab platinum 4 and dvd fab 5 as well.
THank you in advace

by the way, at the top of my program it reads: Dvdfab platinum (option: mobile)
–the thing is, i have the box checked to automatically check for new updates, and for some reason I don’t have the newest version, also, when I click the button to make it check for updates it doesn’t do anything…

what does it mean in the parenteses? the “(option: mobile)” portion ??


Click the DVDFab link in my sig to get the latest version

When I put The Dark Knight into my Blue Ray Drive DVDFab does not seem to work. The common Settings screen shows it’s there in the drive but all it says is “Disc is not opened.” Any idea what’s going on??


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