I cannot flash BenQ DW2000 back to its original firmware


I am in a big trouble after I stupidly flashed my BenQ DW2000 9B3B with the 6B33 firmware and now my burner only read but not burn any DVD at all :doh:

I tried to flash it back to 9B3B but an error report pop up saying that No match drive detected! :doh::sad:

So… can you please suggest me what can I do with my burner? :bow:
Do we have any tools that can help me flash the firmware back?
Or do I have to send it to the service center right away?

Many thanks in advance for every reply

Try with the 9B3B firmware flasher in this post: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f92/benq-dw1680-dw1800-dw1810-dw2000-dw2010-fastburn-firmware-206214/#post1663657 [Just be sure to read all the associated literature in that post].

Or try 9B3[B]E[/B] from this post: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f92/post-new-benq-philips-firmware-tool-announcements-here-148988/index4.html#post1973441 [and flash the file using the Flash Utility]. This is just one single file, and is completely stock firmware.