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Hi, I have just bought a new home theatre and wish to back up my owned DVD’s and have no clue how to proceed, I bought Nero 7 enhanced and didn’t realise that it does not allow a backup of a legal DVD.

I have an Asus dual layer DVD, with accompanying software, Nero 7 and 370 gigs of HD, I would like to make legal copies of my DVD’s to play in my Denon 955/2910 DVD (it only supports several types of formats) with an Arcam Diva and M&K speakers.

I tried some software from Wikihow, but have not yet got the hang of it.

Also I would like to contribute to the shared computer power, could someone help with either problem, in <kaff> simple terms



Well first off are you backing up your source media right? Also remember you will need DL media to backup most dvd media you own. Recommendation give Slysoft a try they have Anydvd that will decrypt the proctection allowing nero to make a backup. The program is limited to 21 day trial but its worth the money and effort to backup your movies. Also make sure you buy quality media and your firmware is updated as well before making backup. There are other free ware out there as well but I myself has liked using Anydvd in that is will always be running and memory resident. But enough of my advice give the trial a try and see what you think.

check out this guide on how to get it done with free softwares http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/334154

for some $$ these are good choices
slysoft anydvd+clonedvd
dvdfab platinum
but if you want something real easy to use then go for anydvd+1click dvd copy or anydvd+dvd santa

you do not NEED duallayer discs as coolcolors said in his post. there are many programs that will allow you to remove previews/features to keep compression to a single layer disc to a minimum.

have a look in the “Copy DVD Movie” forums. there’s TONS of information.

my personal method is AnyDvd and CloneDVD2 from www.slysoft.com. 21 day fully functional trial so you ahve nothing to lose. It’s worth the money in my opinion because of their lightning fast service and upsates for new protections.

if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of free programs available also that are discussed in that forum.

“how to rip a dvd” is a very subjective question and each person will have a slightly different favorite method.

here are the basic steps:

  • you need to decrypt your DVD (I use AnyDVD for this)

  • do any removal of “extras” (foreign language tracks, previews, etc) if desired (I use CloneDVD2 for this)

  • if you are not using dual layer discs and it’s still too large for a single layer disc after the above step then you need to transcode the data to fit (also known as ocmpression). I use CLoneDVD2 for this.

  • then you take your newly compressed data whether it’s in ISO form or VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders and burn them. I use Clonedvd2 for this also.

media quality makes a HUGE difference. be sure to use high quality discs (this means NOT memorex) Verbatim are highly recommended and easy to find in stores. If you have a little extra money to burn and want the best Taiyo Yuden’s can be purchased online. Keep an eye on our bargain basement forums for good media deals!

if you mean the distributed computed projects like Folding@Home then we have a forum for that as well. I actually just joined up yesterday, but it was as easy as visiting the Folding Homepage and downloading the client. the client automatically downloaded a work unit and started chugging away.

there’s a CDF folding Team. more information can be found here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=135

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If you want a free solution in addition to what you have, I suggest giving DVDFab Decrypter a try. This will allow you to rip the movie to your hard drive and then you can use Nero’s Recode to compress it and burn it onto a single layer disc. I personally use AnyDVD as it’s a great solution, but, you do have to purchase it. For MOST titles you can use Recode directly on the DVD with AnyDVD running. Certain titles, notably anything protected with ArrCCOS (sony) protection might require using the AnyDVD Ripper function to rip it to the hard drive first, and then open it with Recode. In any case, either of these solutions should work fine.