I cannot copy a dvd please help

I have DVDfab HD Decrypter and DVD Decrypter i can copy the dvd to my computer and play it but when i go to copy it, it says theres not enough room on the dvd even tho its blank, do i have to compress the dvd?? if so how? any help will be appricated, thanks…

Welcome to the forum Gitta: Unless you are using a dl disk then yes for single layer (4.7GB) use dvd shrink to make it fit on the disk, as the 2 programs you are using will not shrink the output size.

will this alter the quality of the dvd?? and will it still be able to play in normal dvd players?? cheers.

It will not noticeably change the viewing quality and yes should play fine in most standalone players.

As tgidday suggested, using DVDShrink should work well.:iagree: The Gold and Platinum versions of DVDFab combine all these functions in one package that makes the job a little faster and easier to manage. You can download Platinum and use it for 30 days free to see if you like it.