I cannot burn a dvd using Burn Suite 2005

I have an hp laptop computer with a dvd RW drive, I have been trying to burn a dvd using Burn Suite 2005 standard edition. First, everything goes well with the reading process, where everything goes wrong is the writing process of the burning. I can only get 66% of the writing process done before it completely stops and gives me the error message that reads the following “Internal Error in the recording engine (code 411-02-1024)(03 29 00 0000)”. Can anyone solve this problem, I would greatly appreciate your help?. The operating system that I have is Windows Vista, if that helps any

Media problem, buy Verbatim.

So my dvd drive is the problem? what is exactly verbatim?

So what is program that is included in burn suite 2005? Don’t they have verison 2007??? Also what burner and model and its’ firmware do you have and is it updated? Also what kinda laptop do you have? What firewall or antivirus do you run currently? Also what are the media that you used and what kinda dvd or image are you trying to burn? And does the source media or file work prior to burning it?? You given a error but a search doesn’t give much as to what it is? Which vista version do you have?? Also if you noticed that 2005 is a old software and old software seems to have problems running in vista if you haven’t read or seen posting mentioning people having problems running their old software on vista. So we do need more information to figure out what is causing what the problem is???

Get a free burnprog like cdburnerxp and imgburn and try with them first.