I cannot burn a DVD movie completly playable in stand alone dvd player



I have been struggling for several months to burn a backup of several DVD movies on DL media, playable on my stand alone DVD player. I have tried 3 different burners (Lite-On, LG and Samsung) 4 different DVD players (JVC 5-year old model, Yamaha S1500, Yamaha S1700, Yamaha S2500) and 2 different media TDK and Verbatim. The results are inconsistent, but I end up with a DVD that plays in my computer but has issues in the stand alone (SA). Usually, the DVD freezes and skips in the SA, and lately I have noticed that it occurs near the layer break, and/or on the entire second layer. I backup the commercial DVD’s with DVDFab to a video TS folder, and then build the DVD using either Nero 8 or ImgBurn, both give issues to my SA. Can anybody give me an idea what I might be doing wrong. Could it be the Yamaha players (the JVC is quite old and probably not a good test unit)?


What DL blank media are you using?


I have tried TDK and Verbatim. Both give unreliable results.


Best is to rip the original with DVD Decrypter to an ISO file and not as VIDEO_TS folder with files. That way the layer change stays correct within the iso, then burn back with Imgburn. If the dvd is copy protected, use Anydvd in the background as well.

Also, I have found I need to burn the DL media at a lower speed than their max rated speed.


Thanks ChickenMan.
I will give ISO a try. I do burn at slower speed with DL. The Verbatims are 2.4x, and I burn at 2x. I am curious, what advantage is there in preserving the original layer break? I can set the break where ever I want in ImgBurn.


The advantage in keeping the original layer break is playback happens :slight_smile: Layer break info is within the ifo file so when the dvd player plays the dvd and see that layer break to then re-focus on the next layer and start reading backwards. Change it to something else that the original and all sorts of probs occur. The second layer has to be shorter than the first layer so you cant actually change it to anything you like. Keep the original layer break and all works for me :slight_smile:


Use Verbatim discs made in Singapore only!! Verbatims made in India are not up to par. Bookmark your DVD D/L’s to DVD ROM’s.


Would be interesting to see an Imgburn log.


The burn logs are unremarkable, no errors or retries. I did scan a few of the bad discs, and I do see large C2 error spikes at the layer break. The Nero DiscSpeed quality is all around 70, but that is due to the spikes. I am sending a few of the discs back to Verbatim for inspection/replacement. I am hoping that my problems are just due to a bad batch of media.


If you did rip to files just build the ISO again with ImgBurn which will not necessarily use the original layer break but given LightningUK’s expertise certainly one that works just as well. True is Verbatim India sucks but also Verbatim Taiwan is acceptable.