I cannot burn a disk with lite-on

I wore out a HP +R writer, so they sent me a replacement, a lite-on SOHW 802S, and I have both Nero and Sonic…I burned many good discs with my old HP drive; but almost every disk I burn with this new hardware is a coaster.

Some DVD+R’s won’t burn at all; others will burn, play, and then are fouled up at the last 20 minutes…as you well might imagine, this ruins any movie.

I have tried different settings with what I have; Ritek discs seems to work the best; only about 1 out of 4 is a coaster. However, that is too much.

There was an upgrade from Sonic; Sonic did not work prior to downloading this upgrade. But still, not even half of the disks are being correctly burned. I am so frustrated.

Is it under DMA settings?

Did you uninstall the old unit through device manager before pulling it, WIn2k/XP likes to sometimes reserve a location for peripheral devices and can cause odd problems?

What are your Master/Slave settings?

windows xp reocgnizes it find; it plays discs fine; I transfer video files from the dvd to the harddrive without any problems ever; the problem is that it will not burn correctly. Both burning tools recognize it by name; everthing appears fine; but the last 20 minutes of some discs are messtup; and it won’t burn others.

Who knows what disks work with this model?