I cannot backup my DVDs..Averatec Slimtype DVD RW SOSW-852S PSB2

I have an Averatec laptop that came with a DVD +/- burner, more specifically this one: Slimtype DVD RW SOSW-852S PSB2 . I cannot bckup DVDs that I’ve bought. I can rip the DVDs in DVD Decrypter, but when I try to burn the movie onto a blank DVD using Nero 7… I get an error that says something in the lines of “Burn canot be completed.”

Anyone have an idea why? Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

I don’t use Ner0 for burning my backups,but what media are you using? what speed ? can you post a Nero burn log?..

I use Maxell DVD-R 1-16XSpeed discs (MAX burn speed)

I didn’t save the log… I don’t think it’s a software problem, I think its a faulty DVD burner, but I’m just a n00b so I dno.

The burn would be about 95% complete when it gives the error.

That to me sounds like a bad media burning at to fast of speed…“speed kills”… How updated is the firmware? I sometimes once in long while get a complete burn but clonecd would give me a failed burned message…so I would try another media or slow the burn speed down…but do try some verbatim and see what the results are…

Thats OK I’ll check out the one you posted in this thread.

Please don’t insult our intelligence but reposting the same question minus the “illegal” bits and then also lie about stuff so that you won’t get caught so easily.