I cannot back sunfly 202?HELP PLEASE

hi folks have not visited here for a while --> SORRY! here is my problem. I have a liteon 52x42x52 cdrw. I have for a long time backed up my cd+g karaoke discs. The new drive i has backs them up up fine well until the new sunfly 202 and most wanted 834 disc. I cannot copy these discs at all. Any other original can be backed up on the computer (with the liteon but for some strange reason the new sufly will not copy. Ive burned about 15 coasters now and am really frustrated with this one…does anyone know how i can back them up? i normally use clone cd…the multimedia profile and it works fine…does anyone know if sunfly have new cd protection??? and how can i get round it so i can back up the discs i have?? Im really suck ere all help would be appreciated…

oh ive tried the following software as well:

easycdcreator 6
cdrwin (although it would not work even after the APSI layer was installed) any ideas there???

Thanks for all your help cd freaks



Have you tried using clony xxl to check it out ?
And it might be worth trying Alcohol in your quest.
I will try to see if my Mother in Law has got it - :eek: as she runs her own Karaoke in the local clubs etc - not promising though.
If she has i will give it a try , she always comes to me for her backups as i think she uses them as beer mats on the tables and they get wrecked.:wink:

:slight_smile: Me again - would you be kind enough to post the songs on the disk - because if she has not got it she will probably buy it very soon but i know she likes to know whats on it.


Ok mate thanks for that prompt reply. Here is what is on the disc…oh btw you get 2nd disc free. Many thanks for the help…


Main Range Vol 202

All The Things She Said Tatu
OK Big Brovaz
Brother Ms Dynamite
Here It Comes Again Mel C
Goodbye To You Branch, Michelle
Can’t Stop Re Hot Chili Peppers
Song Bird Oasis
Reminisce Blazin’ Squad
Automatic Whatmore, Sarah
Don’t Worry Appleton
Hands That Built America, The U2
Beautiful Aguilera, Christina
Keep Me A Secret Ainsley
Danger High Voltage Electric Six
Year 3000 Busted
Boys Of Summer DJ Sammy


Vol 834
FREE with Sunfly Vol 202

Angelo Brotherhood Of Man, The
Come Back & Stay Young, Paul
Doctor Beat Miami Sound Machine
Free Your Mind En Vogue
Gang Bang Black Lace
Green Door Shakin’ Stevens
Here Comes The Sun Harley, Steve
I See Right Through You Morrisette, Alanis
Moonlighting Jarreau, Al
Is This Love Marley, Bob
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Day, Doris
Riverboat Song Ocean Colour Scene
She Left Me On A Friday Shed Seven
System Addict Five Star
Suicide Is Painless Theme from Mash