I can´t copy cd

I can´t copy cd. I have a power system and i have a dvd drive and a cdrewriter. i have ever make a copy of cd without problems. Now i can´t because programs like clonecd, blindwrite or easy cd creator can´t read the source. ( this can be the dvd drive or the cdrewriter). Can anybody help me? I allways back some software with the same programs with my computer. I don´t know what´s happening, i think is a kind of windows blocking only to copy, because i can read the cd and i can´t make image of the cd and this is what i need. The drives are always in the same channels, read every cd very well and the cd ( more than one)i want to copy has no protection.
Thank you

Whta exactly are you trying to copy? Unless it is some highly protected game then I can’t think of nay problems. If you can’t make an image you are pretty much dead with most copying software. Have you tried coping anything else?

i think the only i can´t do is using the programs that make image of them. Thanks