I can´t choose output format in Plextools (v2.15)

Hmm…I mounted a plex 48/24/48 in a PIII 600 and immidiatly had problems with Plextools.The first version of plextools I installed was v2.14 and I had the same problems as with the new v2.15.First I had an error message when I tried to enter the preferences in DAE, it said (something like)Plextools made an exeption in wpdigitalk.acm.Hmm…I rebooted in safe mode and renamed the (acm) file and then after restarting I could open preferences in plextools!BUT,in the dropdown menu in output formats I cant choose anything? What am I doing wrong here?Do you need any more info ´bout my system?
10nx in advance…

Any suggestion of what to do would be really appriciated… :bow:

The option is called “Audio Format Options” and you can access them via the Preferences button in the PlexTools DAE window. This is from the PlexTools Manual (press F1 in PlexTools):

To change the settings for audio extraction, select ‘Options’ in the toolbar, select ‘Preferences’ and go to the ‘Digital Audio Extraction’ tab.

WAV Format Options:

PCM (wave): here you can select which sampling options such as: the number of
samples taken per second, the size of the samples and the sound mode (Stereo or
Mono) is to be used during extraction.

MP3 (Windows encoder): select this option if you want to extract audio tracks to
MP3 format using the installed Windows encoder. (the availability, the number of
options and qualities depends upon the installed encoder).

MP3 (Lame): select this option if you want to extract to MP3 format using the Lame
Encoder. This is a free MP3 encoder and can be downloaded from: http://www.mp3-tech.org All you need to do is copy the lame_enc.dll to your Windows or PlexTools directory. For more information about these settings, please visit the L.A.M.E. website.

Monkey’s Audio: Select this option if you want to extract to *.ape format.
For more information about these settings, please visit the Monkey’s Audio website.

Ogg Vorbis: select this option if you want to extract to *.ogg format.
For more information about these settings, please visit the Ogg Vorbis website.

Thank you very much G@M3FR3@K for answering. Now I see I should have been more clear in my info about my problem.Whenever I pressed the preferences button in plextools dae window I got a error message"Plextools has made an exception 10H (!)in module wpdigitalk.acm".My 1st thought was to rename the .acm file that was involved to see what happened and I did and could now press the preference button without a error message!Fine…but now I couldn´t choose ANY output format whatever :confused: Then I read that the 10H exception could depend on the math processor and it would in some cases be avoided by selecting “dont use mathprocessor” under controlpanel/system/device manager etc etc.So I gave it a shot and it actually worked!!Now I can set whatever preferences I want in Plextools and rip cd´s again.So now I just have to try all the other programs aswell…

I see, that is a weird problem. I never heard of this before myself but it’s good to hear you solved the problem. I will move this thread to the Plextor Forum where it belongs. Thanks for informing us holyCow.

Well I suppose I should have edited my previous post…When I had disabled the mathprocessor and rebooted ,some programs stated to messaround and hang.So I enabled the mathprocessor again , rebooted and…Plextools worked as it should!!?Preferences,output .wav it all were there!So I started to read the disc´s as I would have before it all started.THEN when I tried to burn the 1:st disc I got another error “Command sequence error some numbers xx052C00” I searched at Bha corps atapi error message list and the first thing I tried was to change positions of my dvd reader and plex on the ide cable…and then I could start burning as before.

[nOObs conclution]All these errors and problems were because of my faulty installation,so I should have been doing my homework before I started to cry for help.Thanks anyway.[/nOObs conclution] :wink:

LOL holyCow :smiley:
Good to hear you solved your problem, again :wink: