I can,t connect my desktop with tv useing vga to RCA

hello sit i have problem i use window xp and windoe 7.i buy VGA to RCA Svedio to cunnect my desktop computer with TV and watch on any game online but its not working. here is the link of vga to RCa cabel .
ples advise me how its work thanks.thay send me two cabel but boths r not working.i have dourabrand TV not HD.OLD style.

You have to adjust the video setting for the video card.


From the auction:

Note:Before place the bid, please be sure to check the manual of your system to make sure the Video Card of your system supports TV (RCA/S-Video) output through VGA port. Not every Video card will work with this adaptor. Only certain Video cards which have TV Output function built into VGA port will work through this adaptor.
Have you verified your computer is equipped with such a (more or less exotic) VGA configuration?