I can\'t burn Dual layer dvds on my HP 1040r

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the HP DVD1040i. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]well i didn’t notice a product for the 1040r but i have dvd r DL im assuming they are dual layers just the same brand memorex…but i have put in regular layers imation brand and they worked but the memorex DL’s don’t…at first it will say ready to burn…then it says disc empty or it doesn’t even recognize their being one…i have heard that verabrin if i spelled it right was a good brand to go to but if not…i guess ill get a new one…which one should i get…i wanna stay HP or Samsung.

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I seriously doubt there is anything “Wrong” with your HP DVD1040i Drive that warrants replacement. Just get rid of your known poor quality problematic Memorex and/or Imation Media.

Your problems with the known well documented poor quality problematic Memorex Branded DL Media is not anything unusual and par for the course when known poor quality problematic is used.

It has been passed numerous time throughout the Forum that the Only DL Media that consistently produces quality error free results is Verbatim DL MKM001/MKM003 Mitsubishi Kagaku Media. ALL other DL Media is suspect DL Media and should be avoided (not used).

Imation Branded Media is also poor quality problematic Media. To consistently produce quality error free results Only use known proven high quality error free Media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media which has an excellent track history of consistently producing quality error free results.

Also ensure that your HP DVD1040i DVD Burner has the newest most current up to date available Firmware installed.


well thanks the same will go for my drive since its a 1040e right??? you said 1040i and for some reason the computer recognizes it as a 1040r i don’t know why but it does…i have it connect through the usb port but i doudt that really matters right? where would i go to get new firmware i didn’t find nothing on the hp website…

By the way:
NEVER BUY MEMOREX. They make trash, not worth 1 cent.
Only use VERBATIM DVD/Blueray disks, nobody comes close to Verbatim.

I heard it from others, and thought it’s a hype, but after 5+ years of making plenty recordings, I learned you get what you pay for. Memorex has been known to be cheap, but as you migh texpect, it a pirece of garbage so it’s priced accordingly, but actually it should be even sold.
By comparison, Verbatim might be pricey but if my life depends on data reliability, I go with verbatim. Memorex is good for making a quick dump of nonimportant data when you’re out of luck of havign other disks or extenal harddrive,but for long term storage - I use Verbatim. I was also a fan of IBM, Sony and Imation, before Verbatim
Note Verbatim doesn’t manufacture much of these disks anymore, they just slap their brandname onto stuff made in Japan, Taiwan/Singapore/Asia, but when they do - it’s quality stuff, like IBM did - branding Asian made electronics with IBM name but not actually manufacturing it. Even long after Thinkpads were started to be made in Taiwan/China, they continue dot use brand “IBM” waiting long until changing it to Lenovo.

the conclusion is VERBATIM is good. All else is not as good.

I have an HP DVD 1040r. Does anyone know what discs it likes because I cannot write to Verbatim -R DLs. I don’t feel like buying any more disks until I know because I’m not made of money) Going to HP does not seem to work (look at correspondence on their forum). They (possible no one) do not have anything for or even rocohnise the model.

[QUOTE=SteveNewcastle;2551075]I have an HP DVD 1040r. Does anyone know what discs it likes because I cannot write to Verbatim -R DLs. [/QUOTE]
Can you get Verbatim 2,4-4x DVD+R DLs where you live?

Better buy a new burner for under 20 bucks.