I can run fifa2001 and NHL 2002 only 2 times & then I need to reboot PC to play again




Hope someone can answer this one.
I have the problem that when I'm trying to play :
* Fifa 2001 ISO (from CD)
* Fifa 2001 CD-Rip (100 Mb file)
* NHL 2002 ISO (from CD)

That I can start the game 2 times and when trying to start it for the 3th time I get a black screen, a white screen & then normally the logo from EA should appear but in my case I just return to windows.
I can try then again and again but always the same thing will happen. When I reboot the pc I can start again 2 times this game and then it's done.

Anyone an idea what this could be ?
a friend of mine is running the Fifa 2001 CD-Rip and he can start and close Fifa on-and-on without needing to reboot.

Comments on this would be nice


By any chance are you and your friend using a copy of the cd by any chance?? I mean did you copy his?? It sounds like what you are experiencing is copy protection in effect. What software did you use to burn it?


This is not the best solution for it but if you can get fixed exe from http://www.gamecopyworld.com or http://www.megagame.com you would not have same problem.