I can only se the main-menu?

I have ripped my first movie tonight…with dvd-shrink.
I followed the tutorial on: http://www.chrismccann.co.uk/DVD_Shrink_v3_beta5.htm

Since Iwé got a newer version of dvd-shrink ( I couldn´t follow it 100% but I´m sure I did the right adjustments.
(a new tutorial would be GREAT for a newbee like me)

However…something went wrong and I can only get to the main-menu in the movie (Master & Commander).

I can see “play”_“Chose chapter”_and so on…but I cant use any other button on my dvd to start the movie?

I have burned it in Nero 6.0 and it works fin.

Damn…I was so excited over my first burned movie, now I can only hear the “intro” :confused:

Any help is highly appreciated:)

Thanks Stefan

the guide you linked lists the steps for creating a main movie-only backup of the dvd, so your dvd shouldn’t have menus anyway. also, using the reauthor mode in dvdshrink makes menus unusable. check out the guides/tutorials section of this forum for many ways of using dvdshrink to back up your dvds.