I can now burn DVD`s ! But i have questions

4163 seems to have worked perfectly straight out of the box as expected.

I decided to burn 4.4 gigs worth of MP3`s to play on my standalone downstairs. Burned using Nero

The discs i used are Verbatim DVD+R 8x, Photo printable, Advanced AZO.
Inspection reveals they are made in taiwan. ser: ZC8365-DVR-X47B .
DVD identifier and Nero both report these discs as 12X - BONUS

Burned at 12X, process completed successfully in just under 10 minutes.
(is that about right?)

Reads fine on all my drives (4163 & sony DVD rom), and plays perfectly in the standalone downstairs. :smiley:

So, encouraged by my early success, i downloaded the latest CD Speed to check writing quality, so i could post my results here. However, the start button is greyed out meaning i am unable to start the test. It recognizes the drive and disc ok but will not let me run quality check. Am i missing something?

Is CD Speed the preferred choice for LG drives when checking burn quality?


No, LG GSA-4163B and other LG DVD writers do not provide firmware for any kind of Disc Quality tests. I don’t know whether it can be done through firmware updates.

Read through my GSA-5163D thread. I tested so far only a little over 50 discs (Create Data Disc and TR/DQ tests on Lite-On mostly.) Haven’t received any media from LG (though I specifically requested.)

Meanwhile, you can run “Transfer Rate” tests on the LG GSA-4163B. It should be very smooth. For more accurate tests, go to the Task Manager and set the priority for CD-Speed as high as possible. It’s often helpful for slow processors and instable or heavy-usage environments. If you have a Lite-On SOHW-832S or SOHW-1633S (with lastest firmware) or BenQ DW1620 (also with latest firmware), you can run the CD-Speed Create Data Disc tests in the GSA-4163B and then do the Disc Quality tests in the Lite-On or BenQ drive.

MCC003 at 12x should take under 7 minutes.


I am not too concerned about the quality test as there are plenty of people kindly providing them on this forum. As long as i stick to decent media, it seems i should be fine.

The burning time i gave was from Nero 5.xxx. Don`t know if that makes any difference as it is quite old now, and probably not tuned in to the new writers.

I am going to make a copy of my burned DVD using Alcohol 120% and see if the burn time is any different, just out of curiosity.

Thanks for your time.


Try or at least version. Most of the previous versions do not support the latest LG DVD writers properly. I don’t know why it was so slow for your MCC003 12 burn. 10 minute is very slow even for 8x burn. More like 6x. :slight_smile: Hm. You already said you used version of Nero in the starting post.

As Kenshin has said, 12x speed should take ~7.00 mins to burn a full dvd.

I suggest you “sacrifice” one of your Verbatims and use CDSpeed to create a Data Disc. This is the normal reference point for speed comparisons.

Thanks Rambaud, i will try that when i get home. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to use the latest version of CD-Speed. :slight_smile:

OK i now have some results which i would be grateful if you guys could give me your opinions on.

The discs i used are Verbatim DVD+R 8x, Photo printable, Advanced AZO.
Inspection reveals they are made in taiwan. ser: ZC8365-DVR-X47B . MCC003
DVD identifier and Nero both report these discs as 12X - BONUS

Created Data disc with CD Speed to check writing speed. - Image 1

Tested transfer rate of Data disc. - image 2

Tested transfer rate on disc burned with nero 5 yesterday, at 12X which took just over 10 mins. - image 3

I would be very grateful if someone could explain exactly what this means, as the transfer graphs don`t look that good. :sad:

At least the burn time was better with the data disc.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Just ran the transfer test again on my own burned disc (image 3 above), this time got a perfectly smooth line, but read much slower. (even though set at max) Could there be issues between the 4163 and CD Speed ?

If i am talking rubbish please forgive me. As this is all new to me, i am just trying to learn so i can maybe help in the future. :slight_smile:

I don’t have MCC003 (except fake ones) myself, but MCC003 should work at 12x . Your two disks both look like failed. TR graphs should be smooth till reaching about 10x.

Bitsetting usually has not much to do with write quality and speed but it helps sometimes. Click the bitsetting and change DVD+R to DVD-ROM and DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM in the CD-Speed 3.55. Go to Options and choose “Book Type” instead of “Disc Type” so as to make it easy to see whether the burned disc has DVD-ROM booktype or not.

@ Kenshin :bow:

Thank you very much. Changed book type as you said. Data disc created in under 7 minutes. Transfer rate test gave perfect curve apart from 1 small blip as it hit 10X as you suggested, and reported average read time of 7.71 CAV

I now have a media type which is currently easy to get in the UK, and suits my burner.

Just need to purchase Nero 6 and i am sorted. :slight_smile:

Again, Thank you

I have so many Nero 6 (not the retail version) bundled with so many DVD burners. :sad: (All wasted resources of CD, shipping, etc.) Nero could have just given me ONE “permanent license” of Nero Burning Rom for US$100 or US$200 instead of all those bundles.

Bonus ? Yes !
I noticed that also that with boxed Philips 8x DVD+R, this drive burns them OK in 12x.