I can not create the cache in velossd

I can not create cache in velossd, tells me that the ssd drive is fat32 or fat, and the drive is formatted in ntfs, What am I doing wrong?

Did you find an answer to this?

I’m having the same problem… v2106 won’t let me create a cache since it doesn’t see them as NTFS.

No, I installed Primocache, I have not received a response in three days suport Velossd

Same :frowning: Back to PrimoCache for now :frowning:

I’m having the same problem on a Windows 8.1 Pro Media Center x64 system.

After installing and uninstalling and rebooting many times, I now get an error stating, “driver installation failed” during installation and get kicked back to the OS.

$10 down the drain. :doh:

Monday there will be an update fixing the “FAT” error.
This is a simple thing in the application.

The “driver installation failed” error happens when uninstalling / installing without reboot.
Please try:
Deinstall, reboot, install. Then it should not happen again.

Update to my previous post:
The “Error installing the driver” message is a bug too.
Please excuse this, it´ll also be fixed in the update.

February 9. 2014 11:00 UTC+01

We have made an updated software version available for
download that addresses the following issues:

-Erroneous “FAT” error message, prevents adding a cache.
-Erroneous “driver install error” , prevents running at all.

Please excuse the inconvenience, one root cause
was the new UAC feature, which is now deactive
and will probably be added in a later release.

I can attest to fact that this is fixed, I didnt even notice that is was a bug because I reboot after installation of every program, even when its not necessary. Elitebytes works very hard on keeping this program error free, and to date I have not had any issues, but again, when dealing with new technology, you will always go through a stage of errors, some small and some just mild. If you want to be part of the future this program is it.