I can not burn playstation games



It is first time I'm writing on this club .
Can somebody help me I have a problem with my burner ,I can
not copy games for play station with clone CD. It gives an error?

Device Capabilities:
Note: This information is provided by the unit, it might be inaccurate. CloneCD does not use this information!
Manufacturer: COMBI
Product: RW16x10/DVD
Revision: P1.1
Can read CD-R Discs: Yes
Can read CD-RW Discs: Yes
Can read DVD Discs: Yes
Can read MultiSession Discs: Yes
Can read Digital Audio Discs: Yes
Digital Audio Data is accurate: Yes
Can write CD-R Discs: Yes
Can write CD-RW Discs: Yes
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-DAO: Yes
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-DAO Write Simulation: Yes
Supports writing of CD+G RAW-DAO: No
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-SAO: Yes
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-SAO Write Simulation: Yes
Supports Buffer Underrun Protection: Yes

Info on inserted Disc:
Number of sessions: 1
Size used on Disc: 658534 kBytes
Sectors: 286709
Time: 63:42:59 (Min:Sec:Fra)

Info on Session 1:
Size used in Session: 658534 kBytes
Number of Tracks: 1
Track 1: Data Mode 2, Size: 658534 kBytes

I 19.32.06 CloneCD Version started!
I 19.32.06 ElbyCDIO Driver
I 19.32.06 ElbyCDIO.dll
I 19.32.06 CCDDriver.dll
I 19.32.06 ElbyECC.dll
W 19.32.07 Registered to: UNREGISTERED
W 19.32.07 0 of 21 Trial Days remaining!
I 19.32.07 Searching for SCSI/ATAPI devices...
I 19.32.08 Device Scan found 0 CD-ROMs and 1 CD-Writers!
I 19.33.36 Starting copy from COMBI RW16x10/DVD to C:\DOCUME~1\Lucianor\IMPOST~1\Temp\IMAGE.CCD
I 19.33.36 Read Speed for Data Tracks: Maximum
I 19.33.36 Read Speed for Audio Tracks: Maximum
I 19.33.36 Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks: Yes
I 19.33.36 Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks: Yes
I 19.33.36 Fast Error Skip: Yes
I 19.33.36 Don't report read errors: Yes
I 19.33.36 Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner: Yes
I 19.33.36 CD contains CD-Text: No
I 19.33.36 Reading Track 1... (Blocks 0-286709)
W 19.33.36 Device COMBI RW16x10/DVD doesn't support reading of 96 bytes subchannel data (CD+G)!
W 19.33.36 COMBI RW16x10/DVD is not compatible with CloneCD Read Mode "Read Subchannel Data from Data Tracks and Extra Audio Info"!
W 19.34.30 User has cancelled operation!
I 19.34.30 Duration of operation: 00:00:53
I 19.34.30 Average Speed: 1883 kBytes/s (10.70)
E 19.34.40 Reading from COMBI RW16x10/DVD failed!

These are the error(w) what can I do to make me burner work with clone , or which programma will work for copying games .

My compiuter pantium4 1800 256 ram intel inside.

Thank you if some body can help me Jerry.


If your drive doesn’t support reading and writing of 96 bytes subchannel data it won’t be able to copy libcrypt protected psx cds with clonecd or any other software.

However, your drive will be able to copy any psx cd that doesn’t have libcrypt protection (and most don’t). For copying unprotected psx cds, I recommend you use blindread/write.

Read the image with blindread in nibble mode and then burn the image with blindwrite to a cdr (don’t try using a cdrw, it won’t work) at 4x (8x if that is as slow as your writer can burn) using sao cooked mode.


But can I do some thing with the device setting (capabilities) in clone.
There si nothing that will work.
Where can I find blindread/write (but it dosn’t copy protected games).
How about if I take my Philps combi burner with tre year warranty and throw it out the window ,and get a new one.


You can’t do libcrypt protected psx with any software if your reader can’t read subcodes. You can also forget about kareoke cds, securerom protected games and, I think, laserlock 2 protected games. I assume that you don’t have another reader given that it’s a combi drive.

You can do safedisc 1 and probably early versions of safedisc 2 (given that it’s a philips drive) and may be able to do the latest safedisc 2 versions with AWS, If using clonecd to copy safedisc games, use the safedisc-AWS profile available for download from the profiles sticky on the clonecd forum.

Blindread/write can copy protected games with suitable hardware. Get it here .

How about if I take my Philps combi burner with tre year warranty and throw it out the window ,and get a new one.

Good idea. If you can afford it, get yourself a recent model Lite-on or Asus cdrw (but not the 24x Asus) and an Lite-on or Toshiba dvd for reading and playing dvds.


W 19.32.07 Registered to: UNREGISTERED
W 19.32.07 0 of 21 Trial Days remaining!

0 of 21 days remaining! clone cd will not write anything you have run out of time to use it. it will still read but wont write.