I can no longer read burned DVDs


My DVD recorder doesn’t read any burned DVDs I have. It can read regular CDs and purchased movie DVDs just fine, but with most of the data DVDs that I tried, it just shows an empty disc. Nero notify that the disc is “Unwritable”.

I’ve tried IsoBuster 2.1 and it shows me some of the data DVDs, although it has a red X near each file.
Also, one of the data DVDs was working before, and now it’s not.

Can it be a firmware problem? Maybe drivers?


[li]NEC DVD-RW 4550A[/li][li]Windows XP sp2 Pro[/li][li]1024 GB of RAM, AMD Athalon 3200+ 64 bit[/li][/ul]
I would also like to download a software that can give me detailed information about the disc in my recorder, and about the recorder itself.

Thanks in advance,

What type of DVD media are you using? Your drive may not support the type of media you are trying to use. More info would be helpful here.
Also, have you tried different brand of media?
Sometimes a batch of media can be bad and unreadable, so it may be worth checking that this is not the case as well as looking at the firmware etc.

You can get info on your drivehere from the NEC web site. This page contains info on the specs of your drive, and more importantly on the type of media that it is able to burn.
(I’m assuming you meant the drive was DVD RW ND 4550A? If not, just search around for the right page)
Good luck :bigsmile:

hey, thanks for your answer.

I only use 1 kind of discs - 8x DVD-R (4.7 GB). Some of them works, some of them not. That’s why I’m seeking for a software to tell me information about the CDs - so I will know what’s the diffrence between them (probably the burning method).

Yes, the drive is NEC RW ND4550A.

You didn’t still say what kinda of media you use? You said some works and some don’t, it might be time to switch to different media but not knowing what kinda of media you use we can’t give much adivce on. But did you check on the NEC site to see if your firmware is up to date? Also have you tried to uninstall the driver from my computer and restart and see if the computer was able to locate the proper driver?

It sounds simple, but the brand of media can be critical in whether you get a burn or not, as there is a wide range of quality out there.
Also, a particular brand may just not work well with your burner. I’d advise trying something different to see if it helps.

I like Verbatim personally, and have found them to work with my Lite-On and Samsung drives (I don’t have an NEC though) :iagree:

It may not be the issue here, but still worth looking at.

Agree with the Prof. on the brand of media, some burners just don’t like certain brands, as my Pio’s just don’t like Sony media but love TY’s & Verbs so go figure huh :confused: . Try a good quality brand of media if you aren’t already using some :bigsmile:

Thank you.
I used “CityDisc 8x DVD-R”. Ammm, I will try a new media, though can it be still the media’s fault if nero ALWAYS verified the burning process (verify data after burning)?

I didn’t find any drivers or firmwares in NEC’s site. I tried to delete the driver (through Devices Manager in windows) and restart, and my PC identified the recorder just fine, without any installations required.


DVD-R seem to be more susceptible to this than DVD+R. The position on the disc where the burn is started (lead-in) is very important in this respect. Depending on which drive these DVD’s were burned on, they may be recognized better or worse by your NEC.

You can download and run Nero CD DVD Speed (www.cdspeed2000.com) and check the Disc Info tab for more info on your DVD-R’s.

Hi again, I don’t use Nero, so can’t give any advice on that.
For firmware you could try this link
Also, many of the driver web sites will also have firmware downloads available. Just google the name of your drive and “firmware”.
Another is here

I tried Nero speed (already had it :slight_smile: ), and the results show that the drive can read the disc just fine. So why does windows refuse to display it?

Is there any drivers or softwares you can think of that let me show that content as usual?

Nero’s InfoTool tells my firmware version is 1.84 which is the newest, I think.


Do your CityDisc DVD-R’s have a code starting with GG****** in the mirror-band? If not they are fakes and not to be trusted.

Other users have reported a similar problem reading burned DVD-R discs. Windows Update is a potential but unconfirmed culprit. DVD+R would be a safer bet it seems.

Nope, never ever a firmware problem.

I see nothing starts with GG on my discs. bah.

Windows Update can be it, since like I said before, one of the discs was working before - after the PC’s last format.

So I will try a new media… thanks everyone

Post back and let us know if you get it sorted out :iagree: