I can no longer burn 90min CD-R media

Hi guys, I’ve got a pack of 90min (“extra long”) CD-R that I used to sometimes use for burning VCD’s back in the day before I had a DVD burner. I’ve just tryed burning two of these (with my current pioneer 108 drive) and both burnt the first 90% ok and then suddenly aborted with an “illegal logical block address” error in Nero.

Since various things have changed since I last used these discs (it’s been a while) I’m thinking it could be one of several reasons. Number one suspect is that I’ve changed my burner, I know I’ve previously burnt them without problems on several of my old liteon drives but I don’t think I’ve tried them before on my current Pioneer 108.

Suspect number two is that I always used to burn them with nero5 but now I’m running nero6. Surely that wouldn’t be the problem would it. I would have expect the later version to have better compatability not worse, but who knows.

The final suspect is that mabye the media has just degraded as it has been sitting on the shelf for a while. Still it seems unlikely because the media seems to burn absolutely perfectly up to the point were the failure occurs. And it occurs at exactly the same point on both of the discs I attempted.

Does anyone know what the culprit is here. I guess the most likely is the new burner.

Ok I just tested one of these discs on my old liteon 48x24x48 CDRW drive and it burnt and scanned no problem, so I guess that rules out media degradation. It’s looking most likely that the Pioneer 108 just doesn’t support 90 minute CD-R media. Does anyone know if this is definity the case?

AFAIK you should set the max-value in Nero to 89.00 mins, more will be problematic.

Thanks gabe I might try that. One thing that doesn’t sit right about that explaination though, these discs aren’t aborting at 89min, they abort at (or very soon after) 80min! It gets about 90% through the burn without even a glitch, it seem to be just crusing along, no slow downs, burn speed makes no difference there is no sign that it’s having any difficultly at all - then suddenly at about 90% nero just stops the burn and reports “logical block address failure” or something similar.

Hm, maybe you should try other media.

Do you have the actual FW?

Yeah it’s using the PIOdata 1.18 firmware. There is newer official firmware (1.20) but the PIOdata firmware lets me burn DVD+R’s bitset to DVD-ROM which I require in order to play on my home player, so I don’t really want to change the firmware unless absolutely neccessary.

I think I’ll just put my old Liteon CDRW drive in this computer and be done with it. Personally I don’t like overcrowding my tower with stuff I don’t need so if a DVD burner burns both DVD’s and CD’s then usually that’s all I want. But if I must then I’ll put another optical drive in this thing.

Don´t have experiences with Piodata-FW.

Pioneer isn´t my first choice for burning CD-media, if you have a CD-burner from LiteOn, better use that drive for CD-burning

:iagree: - Pioneer DVD drives are not a great choice for burning CDRs.

But anyway, personnally I think 90mn CDRs are not reliable at all… as I’ve wrote it a dozen times on this forum, do you know of any premium brand or manufacturer offering 90mn CDRs? There is none. So you’re stuck with a couple of manufacturers and the quality may vary a LOT between different batches. Some will reach 90mn without problems, some will not.

Generally you are right.

I don´t use this media often, But sometimes it´s not bad if you had 90/99 Min CD-R´s.

I had some 99 Min-media with Plasmon-ATIP and it´s crap, after 1 year the end of the media is almost unreadable; my 90 Min-media from Customer Pressing O. is real bad and produce much of C2-Errors.

But my 99 Min CD-R´s from SKC gives very good C1-results and no C2, works pretty well after years.

Interesting… thanks for the info. :slight_smile: