I can' make a Blu-Ray movie that plays in my PS3 :(


I’ve just bought this Buffalo 8x Blu-ray burner and I’m really struggling. I can make dvd’s with DVD flick that play fine in my PS3. But the reason I bought this writer was so I could watch full 1080p movies on y PS3.

I have now burned 3 different movies and none of them are working. When I put them in my PS3 it just says it is a data disc rather than a blu ray disc.

I have burned to Blu Ray discs (25GB) using IMG Burn and I just don’t know where I’m going wrong.

Please help me,

Thank you

Are they actual blu ray structure? How did you make them?

ImgBurn will recognize blu ray movie structure and automatically use UDF 2.5 in the burn, so I assume this what you were doing.

And if you are just experimenting, I strongly urge you to use a BD-RE 25gb disk, so that you can erase and start again if necessary.

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I think ps3 wont support copied BR.

[QUOTE=bozee33;2493934]I think ps3 wont support copied BR.[/QUOTE]

Not true, I’ve played SL BD-Rs as well as DL BD-REs on my PS3 without any issues.

Well I go way back, Backing up DVD’s and now Blu-ray. Check out my Link below, I use DVDFab and ImgBurn and have no problems. I do only use Verbatim BD-R or BD-R DL.

Well what I see from your other post is that the movies work perfectly find in your panasonic bd35 but they only read as a data disc in your ps3. (as per this post) Now when the disc is in your panasonic, does it say it is a bluray disc, an avchd disc, or something else? I honestly have not played with dual layer bd as they are too expensive, but I have fooled around with single layer like mad. What I would suggest is try it on a RE disc and see if it will play on your pc first. Actually what I do is create an image, mount it and check before I burn it just so I do not waste media, and 45 minutes. If it plays, then it will play fine.

Make sure you are only using udf 2.5, which you prolly already are, but just in case make sure no iso9660 or joliet listing in your file system. The newest versions of image burn SHOULD be auto selecting this for you, but check just to make sure.

You could also try running the files through bd-rebuilder and see if everything is compliant.

I made a BD-Compilation with multiAVCHD (LotR-SSE all three titles).

At BD-RE it only plays on my old firstgen PS3, PS3 Slim doesn’t accept that disk.

At BD-R it plays fine on both PS3s.
(Both media are Verbatims).

So it could depend on you PS3

I have used a 25 Gig Verbatim BD-R LTH Type with a Burned Movie on it (used Clown BD) in my PS3 yesterday. Ran great.

Author Blu-ray disc

  1. Transfer your hd videos to .ts with Pavtube HD Video Converter.
  2. Create Blu-ray structure with tsMuxeR.
  3. Burn the contents to Blu-ray disc with ImgBurn.