I can copy VCD, that lock with Clone CD!

Dear Reader,

I just saw some way that VCD lock withe Clone CD, Last week.
It’s work. But !

Just work for some copy softwares And multicopiers.
It’s not work with VCD Cutter.

It said

  1. make the image file of the VCD with alcohol to .ccd image.
  2. open that .ccd image with text editor.
  3. and change the last forth line named PMIN:— to 1/4 time of the amount of number (change the lead out time)
  4. after you have changed that burn with Clone CD.

You can protect your VCD, it said.
I tested that way but I can still copy that. with VCD Cutter 4.0 …:eek:

If you have the other way How to Lock my VCD Please tell me how to do it and how it work.
Good luck !:smiley: