I can copy SD2 with my Yamaha CRW2100s!

Right,everyone seems to say that they cant write sd 2 games with yamaha cd recorders.

Well up to now i have copied,Hitman,Delta Force Land Warior,Age Of Sales 2,Swedish Touring Car Championship 2.

I have tried with Nero 5038,but it freezes while making the image in 2-3%.i used clone cd(the latest version) and all the games were copied succesfully.Well i used the cracks for the games though.

If you use a crack to get a game running there is no SD2 copy protection defeated by the clonecd/drive combination but the clever crack author did it for you!

Nice drives, Yamaha. Still use the CDR102, works slowly but just fine. And i copy SD2 protected disks with it too, that do not work ofcourse, so I know how to find cracks.
The end result is the same: a working game.

well i didnt know that i am afraid.i have heard about copying sd 2 games and make them run without cracks but i didnt reallize all cdrw can do so using cracks.Well i am still curious why nero is freezing,not only in my system but in friends too.clone works just fine:)