I can clone all starforce but second sight...help!

hey all

I can clone pretty much all starforce games but im aving problems on second sight.

I am using starforce nightmare and alcohol.

Anyone have any tips?

Hey wow. Why don’t you share your StarForce copying skill with us?

Yeah, can you tell us how you copied those CD’s?
Which programs, which settings, which hardware used?

you need alcohol, starforce nightmare,a decent drive (isodir optional)

make an image of the disc with lcohol on starforce settings 8x read 4x DPM

Mount that image and install the game


use isodir to trim the mdf file to make a miniimage OR

reimage the big image with the same settings but cancel when it gets to @ 2% of the actual copy, not the initial DPM analysis

save the files created, do NOT discard

now start starforce nightmare

press “disable cd” and “disable node” optionally u can disable whatever channel the optical drives in your system are on.

you will see your drives disappear from “my computer”

mount the miniimage and start the game!

works 99% of the time for me… GTR, Star Wolves, trackmania all succesfully backed up recently.

EXCEPT i cant get Second Sight to work :frowning:

any SFN guys here help me out maybe?

Any feedback on this would be good

oh btw the abnove obly works on cd based starforce NOT DVD

cannot clone dvds starforce until alcohol make dvd DPM analysis tool :slight_smile:


A Clone of a CD is making another copy. What you are doing is a form of emulation.

The answer is easy.
When you play older games, what do you have to do? You have to create mini image to override file system blocking, if you mount full image, as example Trackmania, you can’t run it due file system blocking, but from mini image you can. It is possible, because StarForce doesn’t check for content of sectors.
Now imagine you, starforce inserted this additional content check and to run such games like Second Sight you need always full image of the game, but there we are again by the same problem called file system blocking.

so whats the solution?