I can burn medal of honor

i can burn medal of honor no problem with clone cd and my samsung 8x-4x-32x cdrw. It takes a while to get past the copyright but eventually copies fine. The game then installs fine but when i start it i get the cd error, now i have triied everything i can to get around this but i couldn’t find much on the subject to help me, is there any way i can fix this error and play the game? Any replies appreciated thanks

I think that is an indication the copy failed! If CloneCD (or other program) finishes the copy doesn’t mean it succeeded.


Which samsung from these is yours?

SW-408B (Atapi)
SM-304B (Atapi)
SCW-208F (Atapi)
SCW-208B (Atapi)
SCW-206 (Atapi)
SCW-207 (Atapi)
SCW-204B (Atapi)
SCW-230 (Atapi)

Anyway, MOHAA is SD2.51.xx, so i think you cant make a perfect backup with ur writer. Use betablocker to remove the protection and always use clonecd for backing up pc games

it’s ok i fixed it, i got a no cd patch and the game runs fine now. Thanks anyway though:)

http://forum.alcohol-soft.com/index.php?showtopic=12253 try this link, USE ALCOHOL!!

i made a perfect copy of MOH AA, can install and play with out need for emulation or no cd patch

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, a reply on a thread of 2 years old.

I think nowadays people can burn MOH AA without any problems.