I can access to my drives but cannot see them in explorer



Here’s a weird problem. Yesterday I did a fresh install of windows but now my drives won’t appear anywhere in windows dialogs. Total commander can access all of the drives and partition.

When I launch the explorer there’s empty My Computer folder, in it there are just Shared Documents and Administrator’s Documents.

If I type C: (or any other letter in use) I can normally browse the contents.
I noticed the problem when I installed the newest version of deamon tools. I am not pretty sure if that’s the case but I’ll try to uninstall it anyway.

Any ideas what might be causing that? I googled the problem and I found one thread where user is complaining about the same thing (except for the deamon tools) and he only got one reply - to replace his explorer.exe file.

Computer #1.


I am so ashamed. Actually it was my fault. Instead of unticking the autoplay drives in TweakUI I was unticking the drives under My Computer dialog. Therefore they couldn’t be visible.

But anyway, I’m glad it turned out this way. :slight_smile: