I burn home made movies using Nero but they turn out without any sound what is happening? (Only the first few minutes has the sound)



I have several home made movies that I burn using Nero (I choose the make your own DVD option) ONLY the first few minutes of the movie has sound but the rest is without the sound. The image is fine but the sound cuts out after few minutes.

It happens to all movies that I burn evey time. They play fine on the computer but as soon as I burn them only the first few minutes is with sound. Why is this happening? How can I fix it? Is there a better free DVD burner than Nero out there?

The DVDs I use for burning are 4.7 GB -R. My current burner is Lite On DH - 20A4P and I have checked on the box it supports both +R and -R (I previously had another DVD burner and the very same thing happened)

Is the problem with Nero? Is there a better software so that I delete Nero and use that instead?


This site will give you a good place to start and many of the commercial programs have trial periods.



So could you please tell me what is happening? Is it Nero playing up?