I burn at 1X and 4X but still get breakup

I went from one burner (Sony) to another (Maxtor 6L250R0) with both being bought new. Tried various medium brands but and burn at either 1X, 2X or 4X and still get breakup, stuttering and freeze up. Tried on 3 different DVD players w/same results. Using CloneDVD2.

Any thoughts please?


Its probebly cloneDVD2 thats causing all the problems.

What media do you use? It is a bad thing to burn a 16x certified media @1x: it will cause many errors.

It would appear your burns are bad if they play poorly on 3 players. What media are you using and what DVD burners are you actually using (Maxtor and Sony use other burners, they don’t make their own). Infotool might tell you what your drive is.


You may be in PIO mode rather than DMA mode.

You want to be in DMA mode for optimal operation, so to check go to This Link to make sure.


It looks like the Maxtor is his hard disk LOL!

I thinks media problems or alternatively cable problems. Please check IDE cable too.

I will check that out and hopefully not screw anything up since I don’t know what PIO and DMA are.

I ran all sorts of tests with NERO SPEED and every failed disk is loaded with PI Errors. Interesting thing is that the only ones which have not had errors are those which have been VHS conversions and they are burned with PowerProducer which has it’s own extention (.pp) and will not burn anything other than that which was processed in the Cybermedia program.

I also did 8 test burns with the same file, using different burning programs (CloneDVD2, DVDShrink, etc.) and four different brands of media. I then checked each one. Same PI Errors on all no matter which program/media used.


Got to the “Device Manager” though the process was slightly different in this version of XP.

In both Device 0 & 1, the transfer mode was/is “DMA if available” with it being Ultra DMA Mode 5 on Device 0 and Mode 6 on Device 1.

The thing is, this problem has happened on THREE different computers with three different burners and as I said, using different brands of media.

I’m still lost.

Thanks for the info.

Here are some screen captures from the NERO CD-DVD Speed program. Maybe this will help someone who knows more than I do (just about anyone) give me their thoughts.



Spanish 1.doc (96 KB)

Shrink 3.2(b).doc (113 KB)

Spanish 3.doc (88.5 KB)

PP1.doc (97 KB)

Generic 1.doc (126 KB)

What Region is your original DVD?

Is it NTSC or PAL?

Rerip the movie to an ISO with Shrink following this Guide by mrbass.

Burn the ISO with freeware ImgBurn located Here.

Use the DVD Identifier located Here to see the actual manufacturer of your disk.
I have seen TDK made by CMC Magnetics and Ty Yuden in addition to, of course, TDK. Memorex has many manufacturers that they use also.