I bought the serial number for gamejack and it dose not work

I have gamejack i bought the serial number for it and it dose not work. I email gamejack and they said i have to buy it again. I have unistall and reinstall it over 4 times. Can any one help :bow:

So help you with what? Getting you a working S/N? No we can’t do that. If you did buy the S/N (legally) then it will work, end of story. Where did you get the S/N from? The official site or a 3rd party site like eBay?


hey check for any viruses and spyware 1st after updating them and do your windows updates. then try again if it dont work unlucky ,but dont worry and dont buy crap like that , its pants if they can do it so can you ,thats the way i think, read up on macking an iso image in Alcohol 120% or dameon tools and also read up and get Anti-Blaxx then you can play upto 5 games loaded without the cd’s or dvd’s ,hey i tryed gamesjack ,and though what a con. im not slating im being realistic. Peace